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Curbside Alert System

Part No. 911CAS

If you’ve changed your business model to curbside sales, this is the perfect system. In 10 minutes, you’ll be offering a full-featured “drive-thru experience.”

The Curbside Alert System comes in its own storage box.

With this system, you’ll be alerted in your facility when a vehicle rolls over the air hose vehicle detector. You can then greet the customer and take their order via the indoor microphone/speaker station.

Just place the base station on the counter at the order desk in your facility and mount the outdoor microphone/speaker station outside at the pickup area. Run the provided 125-foot audio cable between both units and plug the transformer into a wall outlet. Complete the installation by placing the 15-foot-long air detector hose across the pickup lane and attach it to the outside microphone/speaker.

The system is based on Marsh Products’ industry standout Alpha Series Single Channel Audio System.

The indoor microphone/speaker can pick up a whisper at 20 feet, has electronic voice range filtering and automatic voice level control for clear, understandable audio quality and an LED display and repetitive beep tone that announces an arrival at the remote station.

The outdoor microphone/speaker is weatherproof and keeps external noise to a minimum.

The system comes packed in its own storage box, and consists of:

  • A 15-foot air hose vehicle detector.
  • An outdoor microphone/speaker station.
  • An indoor microphone/speaker station.
  • 125 feet of cable to connect the stations.
  • Plug-in power supply (for the indoor microphone/speaker, which powers whole system).

A complete system weighs 20 lbs. and measures 9½" H. x 20" W. x 10" D. in its storage case.

Sample Setup

When a car passes over the air hose vehicle detector, an LED illuminates and a tone sounds to tell your staff you have a customer. You can talk to the customer via the indoor and outdoor microphone/speakers.

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Marsh Products warranty

For one year after you purchase a Marsh Products Curbside Alert System, we will repair or replace (at our discretion) any malfunctioning hardware. The purchaser pays only the shipping to return the malfunctioning part to us. The warranty is void if the product is returned in a damaged state for any reason, including damage that occurs because of a failure to follow installation instructions.