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610 Loop Vehicle Detector

610 Loop Vehicle Detector: Click for detailsThe 610 Loop Vehicle Detector, which is used with one of our loops, is designed to intelligently adjust to environmental conditions, virtually eliminating false detection. Details.


614 Message Greeter

614 Message Greeter: Click for detailsThe 614 Message Greeter is ideal for drive-thru communication systems. The system plays any one of nine recorded messages with clear, crisp audio output. Details.


TimePilot Extreme

TimePilot Extreme: Click for detailsThis rugged, weatherproof timeclock system is designed for outdoor use. Employees clock in with the nearly indestructible iButton. Details.


865 Preformed Loop

865 Preformed Loop: Click for detailsThe 865 Preformed Loop is an encased five-turn loop designed for vehicle detection applications. It greatly reduces installation time before the drive-thru's pavement is installed. Details.


911 Emergency Drive-Thru

911 Emergency Drive-Thru: Click for detailsThe 911 Emergency Drive-Thru System will keep your drive-thru operation open even when your installed system is down. It comes ready for easy hook-up and is conveniently packaged for storage. Details.


TimePilot Vetro

TimePilot Vetro: Click for details.Clock in with an iButton or with a 4-digit code on the sleek blue touchscreen. No timecards, no ink—and employee hours are calculated in seconds! Details. 


867 Saw-Cut Loop Kit

866/867 Saw-Cut Loop Kits: Click for detailsMarsh's Saw-Cut Loop Kit is perfect for vehicle detection in  environments such as drive-thrus or parking lots when connected to the 610 Loop Vehicle Detector. Details.


Alpha Series

One of the Alpha remote stations' wide range of styles. Click for details. Alpha Series Single Channel Voice Communication Systems are high in quality, yet uncomplicated and cost-effective. In addition, they are designed for simple operation. Details.


TimePilot PC

TimePilot PC: Click for details

TimePilot PC is a completely software-based time and attendance system, allowing employees to clock in right at their desks. Details.


853 Air Hose Vehicle Detector

853 Air Hose Vehicle Detector: Click for detailsThe 853 Air Hose Vehicle Detector is a low-cost, easy-to-install vehicle detection alternative for low-traffic applications. The 10-foot hose is laid across the traffic lane and provides an instant alert. Details.


CrossOver Electronic Locks

CrossOver Electronic Locks: Click for detailsCrossOver electronic iButton locks use PC software to give you the ability to allow up to 1,000 users access by the day or hour, add and delete users in seconds and track who used the lock and when. Shown: The CrossOver X45 lock. Details.   

iButton Solo Electronic Lock

iButton Solo Electronic Lock: Click for detailsThe iButton Solo is operated by iButton or a numeric code. Set up users right at the lock—no software needed. Handles up to 299 users and fits standard doors. Details.  

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iButtons come in 12 colors. Click for details. title=iButtons come in 12 colors. Click for details.We offer keyfobs complete with our standard iButton (DS1990) in Black, Green, Red, Yellow, Gray, Blue, Orange, Brown, Purple, Teal, Peach and Light Blue. Details.

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